Marica De Natale from Potenza in Italy didn’t find any references to the Chernobyl catastrophe. As evidence she presents two pages of an History school book, which covers the relevant period.


Before doing my research on my old schoolbooks, I was quite sure that I would have found some references about the catastrophe of Chernobyl but….as soon as opened my old books all my suppositions suddenly vanished .I was surprised! I didn’t find even one word about Chernobyl and its accident in 1986.It seemed to me very strange also because the nuclear accident in Chernobyl became part of history and also of our Italian history since it was the main reason why in Italy people decided to vote, with the referendum in 1987, against the nuclear energy. I expected to find at least something connected both to the accident and to the decision of the referendum, even if I remember that I didn’t study that history period when I was at school.



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