Organisation: Projects and initiatives after the Chernobyl accident

I found an article that might be related to the accident in the “Workers affairs” newspaper from 25 Sept. 1986 issue 268, page 3. This is a brief translation:

Tourism – the peace ambassador
On the 26th international meeting of heads of organizations responsible for tourism and recreational trade union headquarters of the socialist countries in Bankya, Bulgaria the head of the Soviet delegation Baulin Vadim Ivanovich, deputy chairman of the Central Council for Tourism and excursions was kind enough to answer questions related to the topics of the meeting. On the meeting was discussed the experience of the Soviet comrades in the so-called “trains of health”. They are to be implemented in our country in order to improve the international situation. It was also discussed the organization of the brief rest (holiday) for workers and their families on non-currency basis.

The so called “trains of health” are programs for “change of the climate” – a holiday in the nature of another country.

The time of the Chernobyl catastrophe is referred to as “the information eclipse” in Bulgaria because of the concealed truth. I suppose that this article refers to the victims of the accident. People who were old enough to remember the accident also remember the large groups of Soviet tourists in our country afterwards. But since the official press was veiled, there’s no direct statement that these groups were accommodated because of the Chernobyl accident.

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