Petya Panayotova and Vanya Tsvetkova from Bulgaria worked on this contribution. Petya presents two articles about the Chernobyl catastrophe from the newspaper “Narodna Mladezh“. The first one is from the 29th April; the second is from the 30th April 1986. Vanya investigated the “Rabotnichesko Delo” from the 29th April 1986.

Petya Panayotova:
Narodna Mladezh (29th April 1986):

MOSCOW: There was an accident in the Chernobyl NPP. One of the nuclear reactors is damaged. Measures are taken to eradicate the consequences of the accident. The injured are being helped. A government commission was formed.
The newspaper is “Narodna Mladezh” (something like “Popular Youth”), the organ of the communist youth union in Bulgaria, from 29th April 1986. The notification is published under the rubric “Chronicle” (or “News in Brief”) and as you see, it’s the last news in the section. There was no opportunity to scan the whole page of the newspaper in order to show where the notification is exactly situated. The next day message regarding the accident is published under the same rubric.

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