Natalia Szumska from Cracow and Michal Przeperski from Sopot in Poland worked on this contribution. Natalia presents two articles about the Chernobyl catastrophe. The first one she found in the Cracow newspaper “Gazeta Krakowska” from 2nd May 1986. The second one comes from the “ŻYCIE WARSZAWY”, published on the 30th April 1986. Michal contributed two articles from the “Trybuna Ludu”, also published on the 30th April.

Natalia Szumska:
GAZETA KRAKOWSKA (2nd May 1986):

Half of the page on page 7th (!)
•    Announcement of USSR Council of Ministers  → very short description of some actions taken to help aggrieved people + actions taken to decrease level of radiation
•    Explanations of agent of Ukraine SSR in United Nations (Giennadij Udowienko) on 40th ses-sion of General Assembly of the United Nations: 2 people died, 197 people have been injured, there is no danger to people any more to natural environment or people.
•    “There is no reason to start the alarm” – MAEA (Międzynarodowa Agencaj Energii Atomowej) → no danger to neighbouring countries .

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