Tamara Cakic, Helena Ursic, Irena Ipavec, Polona Kete and Irena Cavdek from Slovenia worked on this contribution. Tamara describes how the newspaper “VEČER” reports about the Chernobyl catastrophe in its number of the 30th April 1986. Helena presents two articles from the newspaper “Delo”. The first one is from the 29th April, the second from the 30th April 1986. Irena contributed an article from the weekly newspaper “PRIMORSKE NOVICE”. It was published on 6th May 1986. Polona presents an article from the weekly journal „Mladina“. It was published on 9th May. Last but not least Irena Cavdek presents two articles. The first one is from the weekly newspaper “Naš tovariš”. The number was published on 8th May. The second one is from a journal for women and family, published on 6th June 1986.

Tamara Cakic:
VEČER (30th April 1986)

Slovenian newspaper VEČER was issued in Maribor (2nd largest city in Slovenia with 119 000 inhabitants)

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