Organisation: Czech-Russian Society

„Czech-Russian Society  | learn – understand – like – help“

The Czech-Russian society (former name – Eastern Nation Friends Society – was valid till 21 January 2006) is a non-governmental organization – an independent civil association which mediates profitable contacts between citizens of the Czech Republic and citizens of the Russian Federation. Its activity covers the fields of culture, education, humanitarian activities, initiative of direct contacts between Czech and foreign subjects; it cooperates with numerous civic associations, cultural institutions (theatres, cultural centers, libraries, publishing houses etc.), scientific and academic institutions, Ministries of the Czech Republic, embassies of the Czech Republic abroad, etc. The aim of this organization is to contribute to mutual knowledge, understanding and co-operation.

CRS works in the whole Czech Republic. The central authority of CRS is Czech Coordination Council (CCC) located in Prague.

For almost 20 years CRS has been organizing curative stays for children from areas harmed by Chernobyl’s nuclear accident. Each year about 350 Ukrainian and Belarusian children, (especially from incomplete families, underprivileged ranks and orphanages) participate in the curative stay. The stay is destined for the children from 7 to 14 years who, in spite of being born 10 or more years after the accident, are handicapped – not only by prenatal and hereditary disease, low–quality surroundings but also by underprivileged situation and psychologically difficult conditions in which they live.

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