Organisation: The “Green Party”

It was very difficult task to find an organisation that was involved in a Chernobyl solidarity project of any kind. First I turned to the Serbian Red Cross, but I haven’t had much luck with them. Busy with their current projects, they were not very willing to help me discover if they had some project concerning Chernobyl. They also demanded a special permission to access their archive, and in the same time they couldn’t tell me if I would find some project concerning Chernobyl.

I also contacted two enviormental organisations in Belgrade, but they didn’t have any projects connected with our topic. Just as I wanted to give up, I came across an interview on website green newspapers ( The interview was about building NPPs in Serbia and the interviewed was Dragan Jovanovic, reporter and columnist of NIN (a weekly paper dealing with politics) for almost 30 years.

His column in NIN is now called „Postecology“ and 20 years ago its name was „ecological diary“. He was also one of the founders of Serbia’s first „Green Party“ and responsible person for law against NPPs. I found this fact particularly interesting so I wanted to get in touch with Dragan and if possible conduct an interview. I contacted the redaction of NIN with request to connect with Dragan, and just few hours later Dragan called me and agreed to give me an interview in his office in NIN vary next day.

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