Organisation: Latvia’s Union „Cernobila”

Latvia’s Union „Cernobila” is registered in Latvian Ministry of Justice as a social organization since February the 8th, 1993. The organization represents the interests of more than 60,000 participants of liquidation and more than 17,000 of their family members. There are more than 20,000 members in this organization, 30 divisions in different towns of Latvia are active. They represent the interests of their members and gives special attention to health, social care etc. issues.

2735 are disabled from 5189 registered liquidators (the National Register of liquidator is placed in P. Stradina hospital). In the last 2 years (umm, I have no idea what counts as „last two years” because I didn’t find in which year this webpage was updated) the number of disabled persons has doubled. There is a clinic In P. Stradina hospital which takes care of liquidators and there also is a stationary with 40 beds where liquidators can take screening and treatment rates.

Union „Cernobila” cooperates with similar organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, an Poland with whom they also have a Cooperation Agreements signed. Since 1993 “Cernobila” is a member of the international organization “Union Chernobyl” (Kiev). „Cernobila” organizes regular seminars and meetings with participants of liquidation in most of Latvia’s towns and rural areas. Every participant is welcome to come to seminars and meetings and ask for help.

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