Organisation: Environment League (Legambiente)

After the terrible accident in Chernobyl,1986, ‘Legambiente’ (which means “Environment League”) was one of the many association of volunteers that started promoting a big awareness campaign about the unscrupulous and dangerous use of nuclear resource. After the nuclear tragedy of Chernobyl, Legambiente suddenly gave its contribution to the big humanitarian mobilization of solidarity towards all the population involved in the accident.
The association has never forgotten people who still live in contaminated areas without economical possibilities to go elsewhere. Since 1991 the delegations of Legambiente have visited the countries affected by the disaster (Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) many times per year, in order to offer their concrete help and see with their owneyes the real and worrying situation in Chernobyl.

Campaign of hospitality
Every summer Legambiente organizes many projects to give hospitality to children who come from contaminated areas. In this way children have the possibility to stay abroad and, above all, to breathe fresh and clean air. This initiative also gives children the possibility to detoxify their bodies from radio nuclides thanks to the good and uncontaminated food.

In 1994 Legambiente began the ‘Chernobyl Project’ which consists of a hosting campaign for children coming from the contaminated areas of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. During an international camp with Russian and Belarusian volunteers, Legambiente became aware of the living standards of these areas and, as a consequence , it decided to start the above-mentioned project which still allows about 1500 children to come to Italy each summer. Today there are about an hundred different groups of volunteers that join the hospitality project of Legambiente.

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