Organisation: “Children of Chernobyl must live”

According to a survey done a year ago, the Bulgarians named the Chernobyl Info Blackout to be the most weird event during the past century (

That is a result of the fact that the Bulgarian government kept everything a secret. So it is not strange that our government did not help people in Chernobyl right after the accident. You can’t help something that you deny, right? To conclude, I couldn’t find any information about an organization, governmental or nongovernmental, which gave a hand to Chernobyl when it was needed in 1986.

1989 was a year of changes in Bulgaria. But even after that there weren’t any attempts from my country to help Chernobyl and by that I mean that no humanitarian or any other organizations were created for that special aim. I tried searching some but couldn’t find any.

Here ( you can see a list of Chernobyl Related International Charity Organizations but not any one of them is connected anyhow with Bulgaria.

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