Organisation: Radimichi – Children of Chernobyl (R-CC)

Radimichi – Children of Chernobyl is a regional non-governmental organization. It was founded in 1987 in the town of Novozybkov as a club of students from the Chernobyl area of the Bryansk region. Today the organization is one of the leading Russian NGOs dealing with Chernobyl.

The main objectives of Radimichi are following:
* practical involvement in the rehabilitation of the population of the south-western districts of Bryansk region (Russia) injured in the accident;
* education of youth based on the ideas of humanism;
* development of the idea of a single European home in the youth community;
* development and strengthening of international cultural and economic ties.

* Social-rehabilitation center
Radimichi in cooperation with the German organization “PRO-OST” works with disabled children aged from 6 to 16. The main goal is to support such children and help them integrate into society.

* Intercultural exchange
Intercultural exchange was firstly organized in cooperation with the Swiss foundation „Pestalozzi Children’s Village“ (Trog, Switzerland) back in October 2004.
The main objectives of the program are:
1. Promotion of intercultural relations;
2. Making Russian schoolchildren familiar with Swiss culture and traditions;
3. Spiritual enrichment of Russian teenagers through familiarity with other cultures.
4. Acquisition of new knowledge, development of creative abilities of children and adolescents through their active participation in educational programs of Pestalozzi Children’s Village.

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