Organisation: Chernobyl Children’s Association

I decided to choose an organisation which was founded in a neighbouring village of my hometown. It is not a very old organisation but as I already knew it before this internet seminar, it was not far to seek.

The “Verein Tschernobyl Kinder” (Chernobyl Children’s Association) was founded in Walenstadt, Canton of St. Gall, on September 30, 2003. Since 2005 the headquarters of the organisation are located in Trübbach, another village in the neighbourhood.

The aim of the “Verein Tschernobyl Kinder” is to help Ukrainian children from the region of Chernobyl, that is to say from the district of Lugini, which lies a hundred kilometres west of Chernobyl. In cooperation with Ukrainian partner organisers children’s camps in Switzerland are organised as well as different projects on site supported. Every year such a holiday camp is conducted in my neighbouring village. Not least because of the children’s camp the “Verein Tschernobyl Kinder” is regularly mentioned in the local media and thus very well known in the district.

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