Organisation: The Finnish Red Cross

The Finnish Red Cross (Suomen Punainen Risti, SPR) is a well-known organisation in Finland, as the national Red Cross organisations probably are also in other countries. The Finnish Red Cross arranges big charity events every year and gives help both in Finland and in international crisis areas.

I chose to present SPR firstly because I have also myself participated in some of SPR’s events and therefore had some information about it. Secondly, I found it a bit hard to find information on Finnish organisations, which would have somehow taken part in the international solidarity movement. SPR has a well functioning informing system and it was rather easy to contact them with my questions.
The Finnish Red Cross was founded in 1877 so it has long traditions in Finland. It has more than 90 000 members and about 45 000 active volunteers. SPR is one of Finland’s biggest non-governmental organisations.
The Finnish Red Cross focuses on giving help in Finland. They give for example first aid training, friend and support person activities and aid that is focused on helping youngsters with problems (personal life, family and so on).

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