Organisation: “The Chernobyl Widows” (“Chernobylskie vdovi”)

The public organization was registered in 2006 in Toliyatti (the Samarskaya region, Russia). The motto of the organization is “Humanity and mercy”. According to the words of the chairman, Ms Tyaglova, the aim of the organization is to defend the Chernobyl widows’ rights and the interests of the Chernobyl children. Besides that they help the widows and children suffering from the other radiation accidents (Semipalatinsk, at “Mayak”, etc.). In the centre of their attention is the rehabilitation of the members of the liquidators’ families.

In the appeal to the public opinion Ms Tyaglova notes that the Russian government doesn’t keep its promises to the liquidators and their families, that is why the widows and children have to defend their rights by themselves – that was the impulse to found the organization. Besides the consultations for the legal proceedings it leads other social projects (assistance to the disabled children, summer camps, etc.).

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