Organization: Diakonia Kościoła Ewangelicko-Augsburskiego w RP (Diakonia Polska)

The Polish solidarity movement was small and underdeveloped. Thus, I present small piece of information, yet, at least fully reliable. As Poles perceived themselves to be the victims of Chernobyl, one could not find fliers nor anything of that kind.

The Diakonia has been involved in the action of helping „Chernobyl children”, the children that suffered in any way from the catastrophe of the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl. It is mostly about inviting those children for a vacation to Poland.

The first time that the children from Belarus visited Poland was in 1993. From then on, they are hosted every year by the evangelic parish in Sorkwity, beautiful village in Mazury province. During the four weeks stay, children are provided with an entertainment programme, including sightseeing, swimming, games, plays and various competitions.

Mostly children from the families that have social problems are included in this initiative. For a good many of them, this opportunity is the only one to have a vacation at all. The stay of Belarusian children is financially supported by the Swiss foundation Glaube in der 2. Welt, which supports helping programs in the countries of East Central Europe. Till now, Diakonia has organized the stay for some 700 children.

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