Mila Bogdanova from Sofia in Bulgaria presents the attitude of three different parties towards the nuclear energy. The parties are “The Green”, “Citizens for European development of Bulgaria political Party and the Bulgarian Socialistic Party”. She also introduces to us three Ecological Organizations. Finally we get information about the Bulgarian Atomic Forum (BULATOM), a non-governmental organization.

The main aspect of the discussions about nuclear energy in Bulgaria is in reference to the project for building a new Nuclear Power Plant in Bulgaria, the so called Project NPP Belene.
1.    In May 2008 a new political party was created under the name “The green”.  Their main aim is to reduce step by step and at the end to seize at all the usage of nuclear energy in Bulgaria. They are firmly against the building of NPP Belene. They support the green idea and their program is called “2050: Bulgaria – a country without nuclear energy”.

2.    Ecological organizations in Bulgaria took part when the party of the green was created. They are as follows:

1. The Bulgarian fond Biodiversity
2. The association for wild nature in Bulgaria “The Balkans”
3. A campaign for saving the Bulgarian nature
They also agree that nuclear energy is too dangerous both for people and the nature so they are against it.

3.    “Citizens for European development of Bulgaria political party” is the political party that governs Bulgaria today.


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