Juliane Dybkjaer from Copenhagen in Denmark presents us the attitude of the Danish Churches, of seven non-governmental organizations and eight political parties towards the nuclear energy.

The Danish Church (which is protestant) has an initiative called ’Churches and climate’. Here, different churches can commit themselves to being green (talking to young people about being green and making churches more energy efficient). An interactive map at (Green Church) shows if your local church takes part in the initiative. The churches, however, do not mention anything about nuclear energy. They use the term ’green energy’ and try to use energy from renewable energy sources (wind, sun etc). I have not found any sites that say anything about nuclear energy, nor have I found anything that suggests that the Danish churches were involved with helping Chernobyl victims in 1986. (Here, it is perhaps a good thing to mention that the Danish church is administered by the state of Denmark; it is not, like in some countries, a private organization, and it is very rare that the church commits itself to humanitarian work).


Klimakaravanen (The Climate Caravan): A bus that from 2007-2010 drove around and vis-ited schools in Denmark and talked to students about energy supplies and problems.

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