Mare Heinluth from Audru in Estonia presents the attitudes of the Liberal Party “Reformierakond”, of the Conservative Party “IRL” and of the Social Democrats towards the nuclear energy.
Opinions on energy in Estonia

1.    The Liberal Party “Reformierakond”
“Establishing energetic independence by 2030 is a priority. Estonia must forcefully look for and gain new and independent energy sources, meaning that by 2030, the majority of the energy used in Estonia must be from the local sources. The national nuclear program “Estonian Nuclear Power plant” is the key to energetic independence. Long-term independence will be granted by a 700-1000 MW reactor. The nuclear program must include the education of local specialist and safety factors. We see the perspective of further development of local liquid fuel technology to lessen dependence on foreign fuel.”

2.    The Conservative Party “IRL”
“The issue of nuclear energy needs decisions. IRL feels that the use of nuclear energy is reasonable when compared to the high price of CO2 emission. In the year 2012 latest, we will make the decision whether or not to join the Lithuanian Ignalina nuclear project begin cooperation with Finland or begin the development of our own Nuclear Power plant.”

3.    Social Democrats
For ideological reasons, we do not decide the development of any type of energy source. Until the basic questions on the real need for a power plant, storing the radioactive waste, the safety and the risk of the plant are unanswered, the social democrats do not support the establishment of a nuclear powerplant.”

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