Anna Sievälä from Joensuu in Finland presents the political attitudes on nuclear energy of two bigger and two smaller parties. The first big party I chose (Keskusta, The Centre Party) is at the moment in the government and the other one (SDP, Social Democratic Party of Finland) in the opposition. Also the first of the smaller parties (Vihreät, The Greens of Finland) is now in the government and the other one (Vasemmistoliitto, The Left Alliance) in the opposition.

Keskusta, The Centre Party
There is no clear opinion on nuclear energy found in the website of Keskusta. When the topic is handled, it says this (the headline of the writing is “Nuclear power”):
“Since Keskusta returned to the government in 2003 the use of wood in energy production has tripled during years 2003-2007. –. By the year 2020 the use of forest energy must be tripled compared to the situation today. –. According to Finland’s law about nuclear energy the principle decisions about nuclear power plant projects are made by the government on the ground of the society’s overall benefit. –. The projects must include the aspect of taking care of the NPP’s security in order to get permission to build the NPP. –. In practice there will have to be several activities done to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas discharges. These include increasing energy efficiency, renewable energy and a considered amount of nuclear energy.”
In conclusion, The Centre Party accepts the use of nuclear energy and is also ready to increase the amount of nuclear power as long as the security has been taken care of. The Centre Party also wants to support and increase the amount of renewable energy, especially energy from wood.

SDP, Social Democratic Party of Finland
About nuclear power it says on SDP’s website:
“We approve the construction of additional nuclear power plants as part of the diversification of Finnish energy sources. Investing in nuclear power must not come at the expense of investment in renewable energy sources.”

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