Michal Przeperski from Sopot in Poland presents the attitudes of Polish political parties towards the nuclear energy. He covered the governing parties “Platforma Obywatelska” and “Stronnictwo Ludowe”, the opposition left-wing and the right-wing parties and also the enviromental Party “Zielonie 2004”.

Opinions Poland
The main parties of the Polish political scene are in favour of nuclear energy. Current government is held by Platforma Obywatelska (centre-right party) together with Polskie Stronnictwo Ludowe (Peasant Party). The prime minister, Donald Tusk (PO) stated: Poland has an ambitious target to build at leas tone nuclear plant until 2020”. The deputy prime minister Waldemar Pawlak stated: ”Although nuclear plants are defnitely very important, we should not forget about saving energy and making use of biofuels”. This is the main line of division within the Polsh governent nowadays, beacuse there is no doubt that the problem of energy shortages in Poland is an urgent one.
Opposition differs very much as it comes to the problem of energy.

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