Nadya Sporysheva from Moscow, Julia Seeleva from Tomsk and Ksenia Srednyak from Volgograd, all Cities are located in Russia, worked on this contribution. Nadya mainly presents the attitude of the Liberal Democratic Party. Julia describes the political conditions in Russia with a priority on the party “Edinaja Rossija”. Based on the results of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, she presents the public attitude on the nuclear energy. Finally she summarizes the attitude of the Russian Orthodox Church and gives information about the non-governmental organization “Bellona”. Ksenia adds information about other non-governmental environmental organizations and describes the discussion in Russia after Fukushima.

Liberal Democratic Party of Russian Federation

LDPR and mainly the leader of this party Vladimir Girinovsky have big influence on people in Russia, mainly teenagers. Girinovsky is a great public speaker, but, unfortunately, not so good expert. A lot of people consider his ideas concerning different questions.
As other parties (except Green party) LDPR has pro-nuclear power stance. Just after the earthquake and nuclear accident in Japan the leader of the party stated that though many European countries just after the accident on the Japan NPP decided not to use nuclear power, but it is not the reason for Russia. There are enough natural resources in Russia to develop this economic sector. Nuclear energy must be the source of income for Russia. Actually it is very popular opinion in Russia. If Russia wants to have profit, it must use nuclear power.

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