Milena Tatalovic and Dusan Radovanovic, both from Belgrade in Serbia, worked on this contribution. Milena describes the attitude of the Serbian Government towards the nuclear energy. She also mentions one opposition party and the Orthodox Church. Dusan summarizes how the Serbian media deal with this issue.

Serbian Government – The main party in Serbian government is Democratic Party, and it`s in coalition with Serbian Socialistic Party and G17 plus. Concerning nuclear energy I came to conclusion that there is no unite opinion on this matter in Serbian government. In 2010 there was great discussion about nuclear energy, since there were some plans in participation in building nuclear power plant in Bulgaria. Serbia should be one of the partners in building this NPP in Bulgaria, if the Croatia drops off this project. The Russia is also interested in building NPP in Serbia, but there is a veto on building NPP-s until 2015. That veto is one of the main reasons why there is no official opinion about nuclear energy. There are plans only in theory. Vice president of Serbian government Bozidar Djelic was one of the first who said that Serbia needs nuclear energy, and called for the review of the veto on building NPP-s. This law (moratorium on NPP-s) is in force since 1986, and it`s valid until 2015. Because of this opinion he was criticized in Serbian press and among ecological organizations. There were posters in city center with his face and title Wanted for nuclearisation of Serbia.

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