Tamara Cakic and Helena Ursic from Slovenia worked on this contribution. Tamara describes on the one hand the attitudes of political parties and the Slovenian government and on the other hand opinions of non-governmental organizations. Helena quotes opinions from additional organizations of the Slovenian public life.




The Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) – the opposition party in 2011
“The question of energy supply is of strategic importance, therefore our goal is sustainable, competitive and reliable energy supply”.
This is a quote from the speech of party member Dr. Romana Jordan Cizelj, who is also a member of the European Parliament and has a PhD in nuclear engineering.
As she emphasized in her speech nuclear energy represents 30 % of whole electricity in the European Union, does not produce greenhouse gases and distributes EU’s import dependence, thus nuclear energy deserves an appropriate place in the European energetic mixture.

Liberal Democracy of Slovenia (LDS) – the coalition party in 2011 “Slovenia can not assure its energetic future without nuclear energy.”
Government of the Republic of Slovenia (in 2011)
“Nuclear power plants are clean producers of energy. The easiest way to satisfy the needs for energy is via project of building another block of Nuclear Power Plant Krško.
With realization of this project we will essentially reduce production of greenhouse gases, reduce our dependency on import of electricity and the competitive price of electricity will keep or even improve competitiveness of Slovenian economy”.

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