Orest Franchuk from Ukraine presents a set of quotes from different political parties and non-governmental organizations of his country concerning their attitudes towards the nuclear energy.

In 2011 Ukraine will have the full cycle of uranium enrichment not on the Ukrainian territory but in Russia, – told the Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko during the „Ukrainian Energy Forum – 2011“ organized by Adam Smith (Adam Smith Conferences).
The Minister reiterated that Ukraine became a shareholder of the International uranium enrichment centre in Angarsk Russia. „So this year we have a full cycle of uranium enrichment, but not in our territory, and in Russia“, – said Yuri Boyko. In Ukraine, he said, will be produced tablets of fuel rods and, moreover, will increase uranium and produce uranium concentrate.
Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine stressed that not only professionals but also politicians understand that nuclear power is key to ensuring energy supply of humanity.
March 1 2011

The government began to modernize our energy, improve reliability and efficiency. These are: the reconstruction of two and a half dozens of blocks of Heat power plants, and development and improvement of reliability of the whole system, significant reduction of network losses, and completion of new reactor units, and upgrading and improving the safety of existing nuclear units, and building a plant to produce its own nuclear fuel, and completion of 1st stage of the Dniester hydro accumulative power plant, and reconstruction of 70 units on 9 domestic hydro power plants. This list can still continue – all of them are real projects. Among the priorities is the development is renewable energy. In this area we have set ourselves the task, which practically coincide with the objectives of the European Union.
First vice Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev
March 1 2011

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