Anatoly Blinkov, Russia

Anatoly Blinkov

Anatoly Blinkov

Anatoly Blinkov was sent to Chernobyl as a liquidator in 1987. He prefers not to speak about his experience but he made an exception when he gave Julia Seeleva an interview. Today, he is the director of an organisation that helps men in his area (Tomsk) who suffer from the consequences of Chernobyl.

Anatoly was born on November, 25th, 1949 in village near Tomsk. He was the only child in a family, therefore has been surrounded by love and care. His mother Maria Ivanovna was a dentist, and father Nikolay Stepanovich an officer, he still participated in the Second World War. When Anatoly was 5 years old, his father was transferred to the Caucasus to a new place of service, there Anatoly ended school.

From childhood on he wanted to become a pilot and so Anatoly applied to Krasnokutsky flight school of civil aircraft. He was accepted in 1967 despite the big competition. But after two years of study Anatoly was ill very badly and he was excluded. But education is necessary anyway and Anatoly went to study at Adygea teacher training college. He explains his choice that he got on well with children, and exact sciences didn’t give in to studying. He became a teacher of Russian and literature after he graduated from the institute.


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