Antonella Malanga, Italy

Antonella Malanga, Itlay

Antonella Malanga, Itlay

In 1986, Antonella Malanga was 22 years old and she was planning her marriage. She remembers watching the weather forecast on TV to follow the movement of the radioactive cloud. She also remembers how her town showed its solidarity with the Ukraine. The interview was conducted by her daughter Marica De Natale.

The person I‘ve decided to interview is my mother. Our discussion took place on a cold afternoon in December surrounded by a warm and pleasant atmosphere in the living room of my house. My mother was very interested in doing this sort of “time travel” through her memories. We sat on our sofa with soft background music.

The familiar background of the time-witness
Antonella Malanga was born on the 14th of June 1964 in Potenza, a town in the South of Italy. Her family was composed of her father, her mother, two brothers and one sister. Her father worked at the post office while her mother was a school teacher that unfortunately died because of a terrible cancer when Antonella was just eighteen. Her family was very open and close to the civil and moral values of that time. It was also actively involved in the political field. In fact, her father was the mayor of her little town for many years. Every member of her family played an instrument and every day their house, and also the neighborhood, was all time animated by different kind of music.
Antonella finished her high school diploma with a specialization in surveying. She would have studied architecture but she couldn’t continue her studies at University because after her mother’s death she had to take care of her little brother who was only two years old.
In 1987 she got married and she had two children, a daughter and a son that now are 21 and 16 years old. For a couple of years she worked as a surveyor in an office and now she is an employee in a call center of the biggest Italian telephone company “Tim”.

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