Chernenky Sergey Andreevich, Russia

Sergey served in the Russian military and when the accident in Chernobyl happened he was sent there as a liquidator. He was 25 years old, married and had two children. Today, he is disabled, receives a pension from the state, and is surprised to be still alive, writes Nadya Sporysheva who interviewed Sergey.


Interviewing Sergey has revealed to me some secrets of the Chernobyl catastrophe. Although he signed a nondisclosure agreement he still shared some information with me.

Personal background. Life before Chernobyl.

Sergey was born on 7th of April, 1961 in Smolensk (Russia). His mother was a maths teacher, his father was a shop superintendent on the aircraft plant. Sergey had attended comprehensive school and after finishing it in 1978 he entered the Smolensk Higher Anti-aircraft Command Military School where he studied for 4 years. In 1981 he got married. After his graduation from the Military School, Sergey was assigned to a military service in Kiev for two years. In 1984 he started to serve in the armed forces in Afghanistan. In 1986 Sergey returned to the Ukraine. When the explosion in the Chernobyl NPP occurred he lived in the settlement Vita-Pochtovaya near Kiev.


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