Hans Peter Müller, Switzerland

Hans Peter Müller

Hans Peter Müller

Mr. Müller was 41 years old at the time of the accident. He was married, had two teenage children and held a teaching position in psychology. He believes that Chernobyl was a turnaround in the attitude of Swiss people towards NPPs and to energy matters in general. The interview was conducted by Lorenz Hilfiker, whose father used to work with Mr. Müller.

I meet Hans Peter Müller (66) on a Thursday afternoon in his row house near the University area of Bern. He percolates a coffee for me and then we sit down in the living room. I introduce him shortly into our project which he seems quite interested in. Hans Peter Müller is a former boss of my father’s but I have just seen him once so far.

Hans Peter Müller was born at Langenthal close to Bern. After finishing school he attended the teacher’s seminary and became a primary school teacher. Right afterwards he went on to study psychology and worked in clinical psychological research at the University of Bern for more than a decade. He also finished training in psychotherapy and held a teaching position in psychology at a teacher’s seminary. In September 1986 he was elected headmaster of the teacher’s seminary Marzili in Bern. Since 2000 he has held the position of rector of the Pedagogical University of Bern.

Hans Peter Müller is married and has two children who were 10 and 12 years old in 1986. The family used to live and he still lives in a cosy detached flat in the University area of Bern. Besides his own family, Müller names his three brothers, his neighbours as well as his research team at University as his main social environment in 1986. Politically, Müller has been a member of the Social Democratic Party since the Seventies.

Asked about his previous knowledge on nuclear power and radioactivity, he slightly grins. A memory crosses his mind: When he was a student in the early seventies, he used to test pharmaceutical products for the pharmaceutical industry.

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