Nikolay Vakulchik, Belarus

Nicholay Vakulchik

Nikolay Vakulchik

Before the Chernobyl accident Nikolay didn’t give much thought to the possible danger of atomic engineering. But ever since the accident has brought irreversible changes to his health, he believes that „green“ energy is a good alternative to nuclear energy. He spoke about his experiences and his failing health with Elena Sermaksheva.


Part 1. Familiar background

Nikolay Vakulchik was born on May 13, 1941 in the village Olshany of Pruzhany district, in the region of Brest. His father Vasily was drafted into the Red Army in 1944 and died in 1945 in East Germany. Nikolay’s mother, Ksenia, was Catholic by faith, and was born in the same village as his father. They married in 1932 and had 6 sons.

From the moment of the formation of collective farms (in 1949), Nikolay worked on the fields of a collective farm. In 1959 he graduated from 10th class of secondary school in the town Orsha, Vitebsk region. In 1967 he graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Moscow State University. In 1970 he married his second wife, Tamara, with whom he has 2 children (he has one child from his first marriage) and in 1973 he finished his postgraduate studies at the Institute of Philosophy and Law, Academy of Sciences of the BSSR. In 1984, Nicholas was awarded the title of senior lecturer in the department of philosophy.

During the Soviet period Nikolay was a member of the CPSU. Politically fluctuated together with Party. Internally Nikolay concerned to the Soviet power indifferently and when he was asked: «Are you against the Soviet power? », he answered: «No. I’m for the Soviet power» because the place on Kolyma was waiting for all opponents of the Soviet power. However in relation to collective farms Nikolay always stated the non-acceptance openly and consistently.

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