Zuzana Jungerova from Spišská Nová Ves in Slovakia searched without success. She gives a brief report about her attempt to find any references to the Chernobyl issue.

Hello everybody,

about our task to look for Chernobyl topic in school textbooks, I have come up with (maybe) negative result.
I went through several history books which are being used in secondary schools (at grammar school, business academy) in Slovakia and in neither of them, I found any mention of Chernobyl accident, not even a sentence, year, anything. It was quite difficult to get to these books, as there are very few of them in our library (even in the biggest university library in our capital). From what I remember from my history classes at secondary school, we did not mention the topic of Chernobyl at all (and we had a great history teacher, I have to confess). Also the history books we used did not included any information about Chernobyl accident.
So, in conclusion, I have nothing to offer regarding the teaching about the topic of Chernobyl at schools in Slovakia, as this topic is not mentioned during the history classes at all.