Tomaz Cebela from Sava, Helena Ursic, Irena Ipavec from Ajdovscina and Tamara Cakic from Ljubljana in Slovenia worked on this contribution. Tomaz presents some examples of History and Physics school books with refernces to the Chernobyl issue. Helena found Chernobyl in a grammer school textbook for Geography. Irena gives us a selection of school books from different subjects, where Chernobyl is mentioned. Last but not least Tamara presents extracts from a History textbook as well as from a school book for Geography.

Tomaz Cebela:
First one is history textbook Zgodovina 4 from my high school. I remember that we were dealing with this topic, but textbook did not contain any information about Chernobyl. But then I went to look into the workbook Zgodovina 4, where I found one small exercise =)









Dolenc, Ervin et al.. 2002. ZGODOVINA 4, učbenik za zgodovino v 4. letniku gimnazijskega izobraževanja. DZS: Ljubljana.

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