25 years later: How to continue?

After having worked together virtually for more than half a year, the young Europeans all met for a workshop in Berlin, Germany, at the end of April, 2011. There, they took the challenge to both commemorate the accident and work out ideas for the future approach to the energy supply.

One day, they conducted interviews with locals in front of a subway station, historic sites, supermarkets and on the streets near our seminar location. Hear and read what the locals had to say about  nuclear accidents, commemoration, and whether they could imagine a life without nuclear energy.

A group of 12 young people developed a theatre performance which they presented at the official commemoration event in the French Dome in Berlin on 26th April, 2011. The group used information taken from interviews with time witnesses, politians and scientists, and other sources and turned them into an impressive stage performance.

Another group worked on a manifesto which expressed the group’s awareness towards energy issues and wishes for the future. A future in which nuclear energy is no longer needed and solidarity becomes a normal attitude among European countries and its people.

Several small groups documented the activities during the week, such as the debates and discussions regarding energy issues and the future of Europe, the declaration of the common manifesto and the creative process behind the theatre performance.