Eastern Countries

Our East region represents 6 countries: Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Belarus. Each of these countries is a rapidly developing one and to cover all industries’ demands they need a lot of energy. That’s why in almost every country energy problem has the highest political priority. So the issue of energy supply and energy security is very important in each of our countries. The main point is that every country is trying to become independent in the sphere of energy and to use its own commodities for energy production. In this overview we will try to show it in more detailed way.

There are two main energy resources in our region: gas and coal. They cover both industry and household consumption. In Belarus and Ukraine the total consumption of gas is very high. That is why both governments try to implement a policy of reducing the level of its consumption. 60% of the Ukrainian industry uses gas, in Belarus this rate is even higher and reaches 80%. These countries are extremely dependent on foreign, mainly Russian, gas. The coal is highly spread in Poland, where around 93% of all the energy is produced from coal (as for 2009).

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