Organisation: Slovenian Red Cross

The Slovenian Red Cross is one of more than 90 humanitarian organizations in Slovenia. The
organisation has its roots in the year 1866, when  the Women’s Association for assistance to wounded and sick soldiers was established in Ljubljana. Since then, the Slovenian Red Cross has worked uninterruptedly. However, not until 1993, namely after the independence of the Republic of Slovenia, was it officially recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross. During its work Slovenian Red Cross implemented programs such as Blood donation, First aid, Disaster preparedness and Disaster response.

The Slovenian Red Cross  – Federation of Associations is an independent humanitarian
volunteer Federation of Red Cross Associations in Slovenia. It acts on the principle of unity
and in accordance with the Law of the Slovenian Red Cross, the Law on Societies, the Law on
humanitarian organizations, the Geneva Conventions, the Statute of the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement and the Slovenian Red Cross Statute. It is composed of 56 local branches and each of them covers one to three local municipalities.

The Slovenian Red Cross has a network of more than 900 local organizations and all its activities and programs are carried out by approximately 19,000 volunteers. Additional activities of the Slovenian Red Cross take place also in its special branch, namely Slovenian Red Cross Youth and Health Resort Debeli Rtič, which is placed on the Slovenian Coast. Yearly 15,000 children spend part of their holidays there.

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