Organisation: Chernobyl Union of Ukraine (“Союз Чорнобиль Україна”)

“Liquidator – do you want to survive
Then don’t wait mercy from authorities
Join us, we will together fight for our rights”
Andreyev Y.B.

I decided to write about the “Chernobyl Union of Ukraine” ( The first time I found out about this organization was 3 month ago, when I decided to interview one of the liquidators. The man who agreed to give me the interview was the head of the Lviv branch of this organization. That’s why I am writing about this organization now.

“Союз Чорнобиль Україна” was founded on March 29th 1991. The main purpose of organisation is to protect the legitimate interests of disabled persons and to assist members of organisation and their families in solving social, medical, economic and other problems.

“Chernobyl Union of Ukraine” consists of 490 town and regional centers. There are 446 308 members in the organization, at this moment. I want to add, that not only liquidators are in organization but also other disabled persons who were affected by Chernobyl accident. The president of “Chernobyl Union of Ukraine” is Yuriy B. Andreyev, who from 1982-1989 was working as the senior engineer of turbine control at the Chernobyl NPP, from 1986-1989 he was liquidating the consequences of the accident.

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